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1). VOTE
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2). SIGN
Sign the preamble and pledge your support for the Constitution. Add your voice and stand by the people of Africa.
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4). EDIT
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Please note, that the entire constitution is being divided into pages(projects) for easier management
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The goal of the constitution is to create a system of voluntary government (non-monopoly) which promotes Liberty by embracing a diversity of solutions for defense, security and dispute resolution. The idea is to use the power of competition to drive the best form of open governance which will allow for freedom of movement, goods, services, and capital.

But we need YOUR help to create this future. Offer up your edits and contributions so that we can improve the preamble, constitution and DRO terms to reflect a society in which everyone will want to live.

Below are some excellent articles and videos to READ and WATCH before you start editing. Ideally this constitution will create a society as described in these articles which is based on liberty and the free market, instead of state force. The closest examines in the world today (at least economically) of this type of system may be Hong Kong. A small and resource scarce area which used freedom to grow into one of the most wealthy and prosperous cities in the world.





Free-Market Anarchism:

Video on the Philosophy of Liberty and Self-Ownership:

Video on the Economics of Libety: