So that we stand on the right side of history, justice and truth

To Show Support for the Legitimize Rights of Africans:
Because Africa cannot be healed if the people on the side of truth have no living document to legitimize the aspiration for a better tomorrow.

To Send A Message:
By contributing, offering edits and helping to spread the word that a new day has dawned you will be sending the message that the world wishes Africans well, that we all call for the end of tyranny, we pray for no more wasted lives, no more physical deprivation, and no more anguished souls.

For The New Generation:
Please lend your hands in lifting a billion souls; children and women, men and boys, out of the deepest poverty, that the human spirit, body and soul have ever encountered. Your single mouse click will be registered all through eternity, as the moment, mankind spread freedom to an impoverish continent.

To Speak For Those Without a Voice:
On behalf of that African who is 30 years old and has never heard of Google. We say thank you! Now to the witness of truth and natural law, the world bids us strength to build, protect and prosper our lives and our liberty.