It's been 234 years since the brave men and women of a new continent set out to free themselves from the tyranny of a monarch.

The Declaration of Independence defined the reasons for their struggle and later the Constitution they wrote redefined every nation to come after them. This was done "For Liberty"

Today we embark on another Journey, one we hope will have great significance for the next 234 years. We are guided by the fact that "liberty is indivisible" that if African people are allowed to choose and sign their own Constitution based on liberty, then the wars, the famine and the poverty will finally cease.

The Constitution (aka national contract) determines whether you will become rich or poor, have opportunities in your life for education and jobs, and if you die young or old.

We pay particular attention to the normal everyday contracts presented to us, and we are always sure to read them before we sign. Then why not pay the same attention to the most important contact in our lives and the lives of our families.

A simply cell phone contract we are free to accept or decline, we can shop around and compare the offers of other competitors, but why must we be forever beholden to the constitution we were born under or one that was written and accepted by those who have lived and died generations before?

Why can't Africans decline the bad constitutions that condemn them to death?

It is self evident that every free man should have this right of voluntary association.

On this website, Africans together with their well wishers, begin the process of writing a new constitution, one that is the supreme contract for any one who VOLUNTARILY signs it.

We encourage you to take part in history by clicking over to the Preamble / Constitution pages. We do not ask for your money, for this is not a problem of wealth (Africa has 30% of the world's known resources). We ask for your assistance in editing this new Constitution we write today. So that it will be the fairest ever written under the sun. Together we can offer an alternative to a billion people yearning for freedom.

By Timothy Anyasi

December 18, 2009

Introduction: The Great Experiment in Human Liberty: Of the People, By the People, and For the People,

God Bless America, and bless the founding fathers – they had it right when they wrote the Constitution, specifically reserving all powers not expressly entrusted to the Federal Government to the States or the people respectively. At the time it was unthinkable that common men should be given the freedom to lead lives outside the watchful eyes of a monarch. It was argued that men would become animals. Instead, America showed the world that men can live freely – and has ever since been the land where oppressed people from all the ends of the earth have found sanctuary.

It is now our duty to do the founders proud, having been fortunate enough to witness the joys of the liberty they protected.

It is time to complete the experiment started 234 years ago, and give the individual the total liberty he deserves. The first part of the experiment worked, the second part will work even better.

It is time to expressly declare it: voluntary governance should be the only kind of governance. Together lets take the next step on the journey toward greater liberty and reserve ALL powers directly to the people and allow them to directly select their governance, not through an occasional vote, but through direct selection and written association, which can be joined or withdrawn.

Such consent must be expressly given by every individual. An existing State must have the express consent of its people or it is illegitimate. All governance must draw its right to govern from the consent of the governed.

While some will argue that America is too stable and has too much wealth to attempt this next phase of human liberty, they may say, "Perhaps this could be tried in an undeveloped frontier which has a failed system in need of positive change." Where in the world does this better exist than in Africa?

Fortunately, Africans, want, believe and demand the right to venture forth into this next great experiment in human liberty.

Africa is at the far end of the spectrum from America. Africans experience the very opposite of the freedoms that have blossomed in America. As a result, even though Africa enjoys 30% of the world's known resources, and a population of 1 billion people, it only maintains a GDP the size of Georgia and contributes less than 2% to world trade. Africans fully understand that the only way to guarantee the peace and prosperity of the continent is to first secure the God-given rights of all individual African men and women.

Africans prefer the idea of this new freedom, compared to the current “Chinafication” of the continent. We do not want to transit from European to Asian masters. Our last experience under the hands of a few men (the monarchs of Europe) left us in this mess. We do not want to wait and see what these new masters will do with Africa.

Africans envy America and need to complete that once great American experiment of human freedom that also at one time existed in Africa. In all situations the original Africans never created a tyrannical State. It was unthinkable.

Rather, countless versions of societal governance co-existed. And mechanisms to protect the freedom were always central to how the society was organized. For instance, In many parts of Africa when a child is born, the family brings a gift to the community and request for that son or daughter to be enlisted into the annals of the society. Being on this list meant you were equal even to the king. If your parents failed to do this for you as a child, you did it for yourself as an adult.

And when a present king dies, his sons never inherited the throne, rather, the list was consulted to see who was next in line. So no one family was king. Also the kings wife was not considered a queen. She was the wife of the king but not the queen. The head of the community female group was the true leader of the women. And when she died, the position was also rotated.

Another feature of the African liberty, was a man could not be driven away from his property. The community may refuse to trade with him as punishment for an unapologetic bad behavior, but the community power never encroached into his home. Except in very rare situations, i,e. if the man had taken another mans life. Even in such a situation it was the family of the slain victim that decided if the villain would be killed or allowed to live.

These voluntary arrangements of civil conduct were maintained in Africa throughout the centuries until European and foreign powers began to rob the continent of its resources and even after colonialism promoted the self-serving use of a centralized national state to govern the people.

We want this freedom back. The same freedom the American experiment was, is and should be all about.

The Current African Situation

Unfortunately in Africa, the entire population does not have the opportunity to give its voluntary consent to be governed. Nor is it free from the brutal force of the State that tries in vain to silence all dissent.

The painful result, as I, here bear witness, is war, poverty, disease and misery. Many ideas have been tabled and many fingers have been pointed back and forth. The Whites, the Chinese and the Africans have all been blamed for the mess. But today is not the day to apportion blame to any group of people, but to address the element that rots the harvest: BAD CONSTITUTIONS.

Before colonialism, most Africans were largely free to live their lives without artificial boundaries or the need to answer to any master. During colonialism, these rights disappeared and artificial territorial boundaries were introduced. But after years of struggle, Africans won their independence from foreign powers. But in addition to independence, Africans also received a State. And they were soon tied in bondage to this new State, which enforced the same old boundaries and divisions created by colonialism. A tragedy now recognized the world over.

But national independence was supposed to be the means, not the end.

The African statesmen who wrote the very first CONSTITUTIONS of Africa had a primary focus of gaining independence. They reasoned, “We have already been divided into artificial countries, so let’s get them autonomous and go from there.” They believed most of the evil that beset them was from the outside rulers, and that once colonialism was ended, Africa would revert back to a land of Consent, of personal independence.

They wrote constitutions that gave the new states enough power to defend against foreign powers, such that independence was celebrated with great fanfare. But when the people called upon the new congress for continuation of the walk back to individual freedom, they were rebuked, for indeed power does corrupt. When the people threatened to leave, they were presented with a copy of the BAD CONSTITUTION – the same document that prevents the colonials from returning also placed the individual in bondage to the State.

Wars have been fought to reform these BAD CONSTITUTIONS, replace the tyrant, or split up the countries – but each new leader has been worse than the previous. All attempts so far have been focused on how to improve the constitution while keeping the State alive – a cycle often resulting in even more State control.

So questions arise: Does the African individual need a State to defend him? If the State is for the defense of the man, and the man says he wants no more defense, is this man free to decline its services?

What if another entity offers better protection than the State? Is this man free to take the offer? What if the colonial threat (the very reason the State was born) has disappeared, why should the State continue to exist?

What if a few people, in the name of the State, have confiscated all individual wealth and redistributed it to themselves? What if that State sponsors terror and draws the wrath of the world? Is the individual free to choose other governance for himself?

GOOD CONSTITUTION = Open Sourced Constitution

Peace can only be achieved by establishing a new constitution which allows co-existence between those who desire the protection of the State and those who do not – or perhaps wish to buy it from another entity which offers less corrupt governance, more transparency, and more efficient protection services.

Regardless of your location within Africa, you must be free to choose. This is the only way, an African is not required to pack up and move in order to enjoy liberty. No portion of the continent should continue to suffer these injustices.

Simply and plainly put, A Good Constitution, means, as many governing associations as there are ideas. A government only has authority over those people who ask for it, and has nothing to do with those who have alternate arrangements.

GOOD CONSTITUTION will automatically end corruption from the day it is written. For if a man can withdraw from any arrangements he suspects of fraud, the corrupt establishment will quickly lose all its patrons. A natural system of checks and balances is maintained effortlessly as soon as this open market for governance and protection services is established.

GOOD CONSTITUTION erases the artificial colonial boundaries and returns Africa to a peaceful continent. Africa must return to her old soft boundaries, where it was impossible to tell where one tribe ended and another began –
where no State in Africa's history ever held a higher right to a man's private property than he did. Where only other individuals had the right to say, "do not pass through my private land,” but never collectively did a tribe have such a right, because tribes did not own the property.

People were free to settle in any unused lands they found, In fact some cultures where mostly nomadic and the idea of land ownership was strange. For all Africans, your tribe never mattered, If you migrate and choose to live within an existing community all you do is pick out an unused piece of land and settle in.

No State or government of any kind today in Africa should own property; in the sense that it claims the lands of its citizens or patrons. No other institution among men is afforded this right; private property is God-given and not decreed by the State.

No African government may claim a monopoly over a territory or claim power over any individual who has not contracted with it for protection or governance services.

With a GOOD CONSTITUTION, there is free entry and exit for the individual to seek protection services or to offer such protection services. The size of the organization has no relationship to its purpose. The individual is not to be disturbed, as long as he enters and exits the system of governance peacefully without causing unwarranted coercive aggression against others.

A GOOD CONSTITUTION’s primary goal is to safeguard an individual’s consent.

A CORRUPT CONSTITUTION is a declaration of war on humanity even before the ink dries. Civil war, coup d’états, civil strife, violent demonstrations in Africa are all predictable reactions to this abominable corrupt State that turns man against man and children into soldiers.

The Call for A New Day and A New GOOD CONSTITUTION

From today onward, Consent returns back to the people. Just like the great struggle to end colonialism was continent wide. This declaration for Liberty is continent wide. No national ruler has the right to say, his/her region is excluded.

The individual now once more reclaims the right at any time to withdraw his CONSENT of association, and instead associate himself with others he believes will better effect the preservation of his life, liberty and property. This right to choose is God-given and no man-made arrangement can supersede or deny an individual this right.

However the written word can help document “That all men are created equal" and that these are the means and methods that should be used to defeat bad governance and to protect good governance from turning corrupt. A just government has nothing to fear from this arrangement, as no rational man will leave a well-run system for a corrupt or poorly run one. Rather the system stands to gain more members.

There are prominent examples, such as East Germany and West Germany. The West stood to gain the best and brightest and the most entrepreneurial of all East Germans simply because the East German population wanted the freedom and opportunity available in West Germany. The same is seen in the case of North and South Korea. People are literally dying to get across the border to South Korea in order to enjoy the liberty and opportunity available there.

Throughout human history, people have always yearned for Liberty. A system that allowed for liberty – without having to relocate – would be the freest ever seen and soon prove to be the most prosperous on earth.

GOOD CONSTITUTION is based on the reality that there is good and bad governance, that all men must be allowed the inherent right to run from evil to good. And that this man should not have to relocate himself or his family in order to quit such a corrupt system.

Changing protection and governance services should be as easy as canceling an expired contract and declaring association with a new service provider. And when all associations, in the individual's rational view, have turned evil, it is his right to seek out others with whom he can create a new group to offer good governance and protection.

By establishing a society founded on GOOD CONSTITUTION where all individuals may join and leave voluntary arrangements, and by permitting the defense of GOOD CONSTITUTION, we today end war and bring about peace.

READ and SIGN the Declaration, Then Help Us Write This New Constitution

We believe this GOOD CONSTITUTION should recognize an individual’s right to sign a document such as the one below without fear of persecution.

Declare your own individual sovereignty and come to and help us form a new constitution which can be the basis for freedom in the CONTINENT OF AFRICA. Only through open competition in governance can Africa become free.

What is Individual Liberty and Individual Sovereignty:
Imagine if one dog says to another dog that he should not eat and then he eats both dogs food. Even a child sees this is bad. The bully dog has taken away the right of the other dog to food given by the owner. If this is wrong within animals, why do we allow another man to eat our food. Beat us, imprison us, tell us when and how to travel.

You know as an adult it is your responsibility to stay out of trouble. To respect others so others respect you. You have the right to work, play, dance, farm and do whatever brings you happiness, as long as you avoid causing harm to others. This is your RIGHT and it is what we call Individual (you) Liberty (God given right).

But amongst us are bullies who like to eat our food. Hate to see us happy, tell us what to eat, and beat us if we do not obey them. Worst of all they kill us for nothing and force us to fight our brothers and they steal your property.

Thank God, now we can stop these bullies. By joining us, together we can prevent them from beating you whenever they like. Do this for yourself, not for anyone else. If you like suffering, remain with the bully, if you like freedom join us.

Declaration of Individual Sovereignty

I, ____________________(Name) being of sound mind and judgment do hereby on this ______________________(Date), Declare myself a Sovereign Individual with no authority or law above me, but that of the one true, eternal, and almighty God.

· As a Sovereign Individual I have the right to Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of Prosperity.
· As a Sovereign Individual, I declare and reserve, without qualification by any present day State in Africa, the following inherent and inalienable rights and liberties:
o To freely practice my religion and openly share my beliefs and convictions with others.
o To self-ownership – the free and voluntary use of the attributes and powers inherent to my body and mind and of my property for whatever purposes I deem fit, with no legal precondition regarding its effect on my body and mind or on my property.
o To property-ownership – the wages and compensation received in exchange for the labor of my body, the thoughts of my mind, and all the efforts of my work. No association or governance has the right to take any coerced levies, fees or taxes from me. Any and all payments, physical or mental contributions must be voluntarily arranged, agreed upon, signed and documented beforehand. I have the right to protect myself from theft by people and associations.
o To freely express myself in speech, writing, thoughts, media, art, and every other form. This right is not to be limited by labels of slander, defamation, or hate; nor constrained during times of emergency, public danger or distress.
o To the privacy of my person, papers, communications, home and property, against any search or seizure.
o To freely associate with any individual, and to form voluntary agreements and contracts with other individuals. This includes the right to form privately held for-profit businesses, social organizations, charities, local Cantons, dispute resolution organizations and religious organizations for my benefit and the benefit of my family.
o To freely and voluntarily enter into marital arrangements with any person of my choice and to reproduce by the conception, birth and rearing of my children who themselves will have the right to Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of Prosperity.
o To freely assemble, march, protest, and demonstrate with other individuals both in public and private.
o To freely travel within Africa from place to place without permit, license, passport, or permission from any authority.
o To own, carry on my person, conceal and use firearms for the protection of my property and the defense of myself and others in my home and in all public places.
o To self-defense against any form of force or fraud, whether initiated by an individual or associations. This right of self-defense includes the right to take another person's life in defense of my person, liberties, family, or property.

The enumeration in this Declaration of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage my other natural, essential and sacred rights and liberties retained in my individual Sovereignty. I hereby recognize these rights both for myself and all other sovereign individuals, whose same rights I will always respect.

I hereby declare these rights and freedoms for the entire world and all of humanity to know and recognize them as God-given, and thereby acknowledge my individual sovereignty.